The Logo

Bacolod Our Lady of Mercy Specialty Hospital (BOLMSH) is a Christian Institution that serves the people of Bacolod as well as the neighboring towns and cities and the whole island of Negros.

Designed for people in all walks of life... whether rich or poor who are treated equally with the spirit of humanity. It has modern facilities is saving precious life for our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate.

As a Christian Institution, BOLMSH provides not only medical but moral and spiritual aspects to her patients. It generates jobs for highly trained physicians as well as for men and women of different educational level to earn a living for their respective families.

"The hospital cures the sick and cares for every individual who works for the common good of all."

  • Laboratory
    Provide clinicians with accurate laboratory results to aid them in the proper diagnosis and treatment of disease of various patients brought to the hospital for treatment.
  • Pharmacy
    Ensures safe and effective drug therapy for the well-being of patients and adequate supply of drugs at all times. Sees to it that medicines and drugs are new and unexpired.
  • Dietary
    The Dietary Department has a personnel professionally qualified to provide leadership and responsible for the promotion of the nutritional well-being of individuals and groups within the framework of commnunity life. The General function is regulating, planning, preparing and serving of meals to the patients and individuals under various conditions of health and disease according to the principles of nutrition and management with due consideration to economic, social, cultural and psychological factors.